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Advocacy Marketing: Crowdsourcing Lead Gen


5a9f8965be087ed821d5479936ee384f resized 600 CEO Richard Beedon extoles benefits of crowdsourcing leads in today's Yahoo, Small Business Advisor.  Some of these benefits?

  • Better leads

  • Corporate productivity

  • Scalability

Beedon writes, "Reaching out to the crowds of people that know and trust you makes good business sense.  They are very connected, have a loud and trusted voice, and they can reach their friends easily and often on your behalf."

By utilizing the latest in social marketing software and technology, business leaders can mobilize this channel by creating and leveraging their social relationships to generate great leads and drive new business.


Amplifinity, Creators of the Advocacy Management Platform, is Hiring


Amplifinity's Advocacy Management PlatformAmplifinity, creators of the Advocacy Management Platform, is growing quickly.  We've got several job openings, and we are on the hunt for people who have what it takes to be a part of a team that is driven, undeterred at the idea of venturing out on their own to get things done, and super enthusiastic about being part of a fast moving, energetic tech startup culture.

Amplifinity is located on North Main Street in Ann Arbor, MI, on the Huron River (Do you kayak? large 8ARGO DAM3 resized 600Like to trail run? Enjoy sitting by the water to catch a break during the day? That's all available steps outside our front door!).  We are a vibrant, eclectic group of people who enjoy what we do, and don't mind taking time to have some fun while we work.

If you want to gain unparalleled professional experience with a company that values everyone's voice, opinions and new ideas, Amplifinity is definitely the place.

Click here for details, or send an email with questions or to request more information!

- The Team at Amplifinity

@Amplifinity Talks Brand Advocacy with Leading Marketing Blogs


Amplifinity has been talking a lot lately - for good reasons.  We are turning our enterprise clients' brand advocates - their customers, employees and influencers - into powerful sales and marketing channels.  Read more about how we are doing it!

Amplifinity in B2C"Four Reasons Marketers Should Focus on Brand Advocacy"
By CEO, Richard Beedon


"Employees: A New Sales and Marketing Channel"
Amplifinity in iMedia ConnectionBy CEO, Richard Beedon


"Brand Advocacy: Fact or Fiction?" Amplifinity in AdRants
By Director of Marketing, Theresa Trevor



Amplifinity CEO: Maximizing Sales and Marketing Opportunities through Social Channels


Amplifinity's CEO, Dick Beedon, is the author of a new article on iMedia Connection.imedia connection

In the article, Beedon discusses ways how the evolving social landscape has affected sales and marketing, and how companies can take advantage of the rapidly changing environment by leveraging social channels.

Find the full article here.

Amplifinity Keeps Growing, and a Shout-out to Steve Jobs


At Amplifinity we work hard.  We stay late.  We come in early.  We eat lunch at our desks. We laugh a lot. Who doesn't appreciate the occasional proof that it's all worth it? This year, Amplifinity got our proof.  The Amplifinity team is on a collective mission to create the most powerful brand advocacy software platform on the market - one that gives our clients the power to acquire highly qualified customers by soliciting referrals, testimonials and endorsements from their customers, employees and influencers.

steve jobs amplifinity blogI recently started reading the biography of Steve Jobs, written by Walter Isaacson. I admire Jobs and find his work ethic inspiring (a little daunting, ok, but inspiring nonetheless). Jobs was incomprehensibly successful as an entrepreneur and inventor because of some basic principles to which he held fast.  Three of these principles resonated with me as the same that keeps Amplifinity growing and becoming better every day:

1) Do what you love

This may seem trite, but if you truly enjoy what you do, chances are good you're going to succeed.  If you are passionate about your work and the work you do for those who use and buy your products, it's almost impossible to fail. 

2) Get your message down and make sure you deliver on that message.

It's possible that Steve Jobs did this better than any other brand leader out there.  Your message can sell an "experience" or come across as lofty or too good to be true, and that's ok if your product is as good as the experience you're selling. 

We've all been sold on products and been disappointed when the real-deal is far from what we were "promised." Make your message cool, creative, clever; but make sure your product delivers.

3) Be indefatigable.

There's not one brand out there that hasn't looked defeat in the eye and wanted to cower in a corner.  But the good ones don't cower or relent.  They don't listen to naysayers. Jobs had plenty of people who doubted him.  The technology arena is a crowded space with lots of really smart people trying to come out on top.  If you adhere to #1 and #2 above, tireless representation of your cause will come easy - well, easier at least. But you've got to have a pretty impressive constitution to make that happen.

Jobs stands as a true pioneer - even despite the fact that he was often maligned or criticized for his insatiable quest for perfection. 

At Amplifinity, the energy and dedication not only to perfecting our product but to our clients' success has resulted in significant growth of our staff, our client roster, our clients' revenue and the AMP Platform.

So, in the words of Steve Jobs, the team at Amplifinity has "the sense that right now is one of those moments when we are influencing the future."

Read more about Amplifinity's 2013 growth here.



Everyone here has the sense that right now is one of those moments when we are influencing the future.

Amplifinity's CEO in "Wired": The Science of Driving Brand Advocacy


WIRED Amplifinity's CEO, Dick Beedon, is the author of a new article for WIRED Innovation.

Beedon writes about the ways in which brands can transform their customers, employees and 3rd party influencers into high performing sales and marketing channels by putting technology in place that allows them to generate, track, and manage brand advocacy.

"Today’s truly successful companies understand the importance of transforming their customers into life-long brand advocates," Beedon writes.

Click here to view the full article.

TXU Energy and Amplifinity Team Up to Launch Customer Referral Program


TXU Energy has launched a new customer referral program powered by Amplifinity.TXU Energy Referral Program

The program allows TXU customers to easily refer their friends and family through email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or cards that can be printed and handed out.  Both the existing customer and the new customer receive a $50 prepaid card for each qualified friend who signs up.

"There's nothing more powerful than a friend recommending a company's service," said Michael Grasso, Chief Marketing Officer for TXU.

For more information and the full press release, click here.

Amplifinity Marketing Director Theresa Trevor Featured on WOMMA Blog


Our Marketing Director, Theresa Trevor, has a new blog featured by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association today.2023

In the article, Theresa discusses some key ways in which the world of marketing and brand advocacy has evolved.  Using examples such as Cabbage Patch and American Girl dolls, we get a fresh take on how today's social world has led to the increasingly consumer-driven marketplace.

Check out the post here.

4 Things you Need to Know about your Brand Advocates from Amplifinity


"Forward thinking companies will be the ones that identify and work their customer advocates to genuinely build the brand, the customer base and the bottom line."

Mattew Rhoden, Rogers & Peppers

Brand AdvocacyOur featured whitepaper of the month, "4 Things You Should Know About Your Brand Advocates in Today's Social World," provides a starting point at which to begin thinking about a brand advocacy strategy. 

Click here to download.  Or take a look at our Resources page for additional tips and Best Practices from Amplifinity.

Better yet, let's talk about how our AMP platform can integrate into your marketing strategy and drive more brand advocates to your B2B or B2B, resulting in measurable increases in acquisition and revenue. Click here and we'll handle the rest.

Amplifinity Marketing Director Featured on WOMMA Blog


Amplifinity's Marketing Director, Theresa Trevor, is the featured author on WOMMA's blog today.  She discusses how offline marketing still works in today's digital world, and how building relationships is key to brand advocacy.

Check out the article here!

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