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Brands Should Do More than just Socialize with their Customers


Facebook like

This is an insightful piece written by the prolific blogger Brian Solis.  The thesis of his article is: "While many brands are designing editorial and engagement programs to encourage consumers to “Like” and follow profiles, view videos, submit user generated content, consumers are simultaneously struggling to find signal against the noise, grappling with stream fatigue and sometimes an overwhelming sense of over connectedness."

Solis goes on to question whether brands are considering their consumers' experiences outside of direct brand enagement.  Earning a "Like" does not amount to anything measureable.  "In a study published by Exact Target in June 2011, the meanings of Fan and Like in Facebook were scrutinized. The company found that while businesses believed that consumers Like brand pages were truly fans of the company, only 42% of consumers agreed that marketers could interpret a Like as such. In fact, 33% are indecisive and 25% disagree that Likes mean that they are fans or advocates of the brand."

Amplifinity is ahead of the curve when it comes to brand advocacy.  While we understand the value of engaging your customers, we know that there has to be a method to the madness.  After the "Like" happens, then what? Our technology allows our clients to actually harness the power of all those 'Likes' and other forms of brand buy-in, and amplify it.  And, if Solis is right (and I think he is), brands are going to have to get on board with this thinking sooner rather than later.


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